Milan, May 5th and 6th, 2018

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“I like low light, rainy days and troublesome places, but first and foremost I like people, authentic people.”

Rui Palha

“Slices of Milan street life”

In this workshop, Rui Palha will bring his experience to help participants focus on different aspects of photographing in the streets:

  • How to “see” a photo in an everyday street scene.
  • Understand the importance of developing one own style as a street photographer.
  • Understand the components of a good street image.
  • Practice several types of street photography and discover the favorite/s style/s of shooting.
  • How to avoid the fear of photographing the unknown people that can be found in the streets.
  • Rehearse the technical aspects: ideal equipment, composition, exposure and focus.
  • Understand some of the key legal and ethical aspects of street photography.
  • How to try and “add” some artistic and aesthetic aspect to an ordinary street photograph.


Rui Palha (born 1953), began photographing at the age of 14 and is one of the most respected street photographers in the world.
He was distinguished by the SPA (Portuguese Society of Authors) with the prize “Best Work of Photography” in the 2011 Authors Prizes, in the category of Visual Arts, with his book “Street Photography”.
In 2015, in “Street Hunters” blog, was considered one of the 20 most influential street photographers in the world (confirmed in 2016 by a vote of readers of the blog) and the best street photographer in the world by the website “Top Teny – Top ten of the best “.
In addition to numerous solo and group exhibitions, Rui Palha’s work is heavily publicized on social networks, particularly through his Facebook page with more than 330,000 followers.

Rui Palha thinks that the best distinction he can have is the one he feels in the midst of the people he meets in the streets, alleys and neighborhoods … the warmth that emanates from them, fills his soul and is the biggest prize he may have. His friendly and frank posture makes him gain friendships in the most diverse places, that is for him a real compensation because he is felt, real, palpable and lasting …. the others may be pleasant, but they are ephemeral.

COST OF THE WORKSHOP IS  € 390,00 (tuition only)


Saturday, May 5th 10.00: Morning session in studio

Rui Palha will spend time talking about his own work and the different projects he has worked on. He will share his photographic references with the group and discuss the challenges of being a street photographer. The following subjects will be discussed with examples from Rui´s portfolio:

  • The importance of composition
  • Take advantage of the light
  • Don’t shoot like everyone else
  • Find your own way (style)
  • Dare to try new things
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Approach people and get trust
  • Try different perspectives and views
  • Master your camera and settings
  • Post processing (Rui’s own flow )

Saturday, May 5th 14.30: Afternoon session shooting

Shooting until 6.30pm. This session will be an opportunity to put into practice what was discussed in the morning. Rui will work with everyone individually over the course of the afternoon.

Sunday, May 6th 10.00: Whole day in studio

One to one meeting with each participant to choose the photos to be presented in the afternoon session with a rough edit and review of the pictures taken, followed by an entertaining session, thought-provoking slide show of the images shot during the street session with comments and conclusions. Workshop will end at around 17.00


Workshop is open to a maximum of 15 participants.

Workshop will be in English, no translation service offered.

All participants can ask for a free hire of a Leica M, Q or CL camera (upon availability) for the duration of the workshop. Please bring an adequate number of SD cards.

A laptop computer or a tablet is needed for editing and post processing during Sunday studio session.

You must use the processing software you are most familiar with. Please note that Rui will not be teaching how to use a processing software during this workshop and you need to know how to use the software of your choice ahead of time.

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